They are the colors of paints obtained from the mixture between two secondary colors, the variations of tones.

They can be harmonized with each other, monochromatically (with the same
color but different shades) or combined using triads. They are beautiful paint
colors. These are the colors next to a color in the color wheel, for example: The
analogous colors of yellow are red and orange; colors analogous to pink are red
and purple, etc. This harmonization results in smoother combinations with paint
and furniture colors as well. Armchairs, coffee tables and rugs, for example, are
beautiful when made in similar colors.
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This name is given to two opposite colors
within the color wheel: Red and Green, Orange and Blue, Yellow and Purple,
etc. This combination results in maximum contrast between colors, producing a
vivid and strong effect in ink color environments. Notice how this living room
is made even more cheerful by the presence of a blue sofa and orange
decorative frame. As the name says, it is the colors that convey or not the
sensation of heat. Imagine a line dividing the color circle in half. Warm colors
are red, yellow, orange and close-up shades like pink.