Understanding the Single Phase Motor

The single-phase induction motor is one of the most used electromechanical components due to its efficiency and simplicity. It is very important that we know about its operation, Gates AX20 Tri-Power Belts for a better design and consequent application. They are applied in residential, commercial and some industrial because they require little power, as in fans, appliances and small pumps. The single-phase motor has stator and rotor like any other motor, but has only one set of coils, analogous to the single-phase view of a three-phase induction motor. It uses the winding for a rotor squirrel cage.

The rotating field of the motor in question has certain peculiarities like the necessity of an auxiliary winding to generate it. In order to reverse the direction of rotation of this type of motor, you will need a scheme that can cause your departure to go elsewhere. Being one of the most used, these motors have a great applicability and functionality, that extend from our residences to the industries and their rotating equipment, is explicit for low power applications due to its design restriction and use of only one phase of current alternating.