Frequency drives are devices used in induction electric motors, which control the rotation and speed of the electric motor. There are several benefits of frequency inverters because they control the speed and speed of the electric motor and promote the real demands of the process without loss, guaranteeing a great saving of energy. In addition, it reduces the loads in the mains and the mechanical stress in the machines during the engine start, especially in the couplings and reduction boxes. There are other simple control methods, but they consume a lot of energy, in addition to the total cost being greater than the solution with frequency inverters. It still has the environmental effect, which increases CO2 emissions.

Frequency inverters have wide application in the machinery and process industry in general. With the essential ability to vary speed or control the torque of three-phase alternating current electric motors allows designers to develop machines that without them would be virtually impossible to fabricate. Some examples of applications for the efficient use of the drives are cranes, elevators, escalators, compressors, fans, pumps, air conditioning systems (HVAC), extruders, winders, cranes, compressors, cutters, folding machines.