Cantinella, the ideal place to spend unforgettable moments.

Restaurant italian alpharetta ga
Cantinella brings the stories of childhood friends who loved to cook. Inventing new dishes and
trying out new recipes was the pleasure of friends who were always passionate about
Cantinella was born in 2002, occupying a space in the area of Italian cuisine that, until then,
had no representatives in the city. The idea, from the conception of the architectural project to
the smallest details of decoration and utensils, was to bring a typical Italian environment to
São José do Rio Preto. The charm of the ambience and the pleasant lighting combine with the
most traditional Italian recipes to make Cantinella the ideal place to spend unforgettable
They are ahead of Cantinella: Paulo Roberto da Silva and Lakbel Tenfuss. Come visit us!
**COMBINED I-51.00**
LASAGNA AL FORNO- Lasagna stuffed with mozzarella in a bolognese sauce
PESCE MEUNIERE- Saint Peter grilled with capers and mushrooms and rice with chestnuts
GNOCCHI CON SALSICCIA- Gnocchi in tomato sauce and ground sausage ceratti
POLLO MILANESE- Breaded chicken slices with brie cream cheese with Greek rice
POLPETONNE- Mini Meat Polpetone stuffed with mozzarella with sugo and au gratin with
house noodles in butter or with gnocchi
PESCE TROPICALE- Saint peter fillet with bananas in a curd and au gratin sauce
FRALDINHA PROVENCE- slices of flank steak with herb butter sauce, fried garlic, mushrooms
and lemon zest. Accompanies potato a la creme
FILETTO DI MAIALE CON TAGLIATELLE- pork fillet with dry funghi cream and noodles in butter
and sage